Goth up your tea game!

The area between “sort of edgy” and “likes old-fashioned things” is usually the realm of hipsters.

But what if “hipster” doesn’t feel right? You don’t have enough of a beard, or you don’t love beer, or you just want to wear black all the time?

Have you considered becoming a tea goth?

Whether you love coffee, tea, or gothy things, here are five Etsy (buy handmade!) finds for you:

1. This skull mug ($42). Skulls are in everybody’s head. But for some reason not everyone celebrates them. This is a body-positivity fail. Enjoy your body, and its underpinnings, while you wake up.

2. This spiky mug with a purple interior ($35). The spikes say “I’m tough!” but the fact that you’re a Goth in the first place says “I have a lot of tender feelings in here.”

3. A teaspoon that says “poison” ($11.42). How funny would it be if you actually poisoned someone with this? (I mean, don’t. This is a hypothetical thought exercise.)

4. A skull mug enamel pin ($7). In case you can’t afford the real skull mug, or want to add to the bounty of pins on your black denim jacket.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas teapot ($125). I want this despite my beef with Tim Burton, and the fact that I prefer a gravity steeper. It’d look so good in my house.

Any other suggestions for this list?

The Sonic Screwdriver was a joke waiting to happen.

I spent the weekend doodling Valentine’s Day cards for a few of my Geek Girls penpals. I asked them which of the four themes they wanted; the winner is far and away Doctor Who.

I didn’t mention that my card was going to leave them feeling sexually harassed.

Oh well.



Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who thinks the Sonic Screwdriver is ridiculously dirty-looking.

I put the digital originals on Etsy for $5 about an hour ago. So far, no takers, but we’ll see if anything happens in the next 24 hours. Either way, listing something is only 20 cents.

We’ll put all proceeds toward the “my dog is totally going to wind up needing more surgery on his lumpy back” fund. Sigh.

Toys Far Too Expensive For Anyone with Children to Afford


I’ve recently discovered the joys of Toys Far Too Expensive For Anyone with Children to Afford. I wandered into the field in the name of research and came out with a very long wish list:


I got lost in two types of fancy dolls:

1) Ball-jointed dolls (like these). These are hundreds of dollars each and have very delicate, fully-moveable features. They’re produced in limited runs, and you can paint them, give them wigs, switch out their eyes, and buy outfits for them. They’re like Super Designer Barbies.

2) One-of-a-kind art dolls. Every artist has a different style. Accordingly, they’re all different prices, sizes, materials, subjects, and ranges of motion.

I was thinking it’d be fun to support independent artists and have bizarre art dolls throughout the house in cloches. You know, become “that lady.”

Then I remembered: I several friends with daughters who, as they get older, will definitely jack and break them.

I don’t even have children and I know my stuff’s on the verge of being shattered.

Sigh. I can always dream.

Wanna join me in la-la land? Follow out my Dolls & Plush pin board on Pinterest!

Leah Lucci Ouiji Board Illustration

On Wednesdays We Wear Black: Christmas Suggestions for Difficult Witches

Leah Lucci Ouiji Board Illustration

This post was originally going to be about the history of ouija boards (see: my illustration above).

Then I remembered I’d been attempting a holiday-gift-themed blog series.

So far, there are two of those (booze and bullet themed). Two isn’t a series.

Three? Now we’re talking series.

So what do you get the witch on your list? Awesome occult stuff, of course.


Keep enough of this stuff around your house and maybe Krampus will pass it by.