My Application to The Avengers Initiative and/or League of Justice, Whichever

Batman vs Superman blew chunks.

It’s time we all admitted that Superman needs to go — and I should replace him.

Behold my lovingly illustrated application.


The hottest fires forge the strongest steel.


This spatial memory also assists with directions. Sometimes.


I am very dedicated to self-improvement. (That’s Falcon up there.)


I can be undone by pollen, dust, cats, hay, cold, and exercise. This makes my character well-rounded. Nobody loves a Mary Sue.


I may not always be riveting, but some of my competition is weak sauce.


In the end, the Avengers and the League of Justice admitted me to their ranks.

What does your superhero self bring to the table?

6 Book Reviews! In Limerick Form!

I love writing book reviews, but I often worry that they’re tedious to read. Imposing limits on them is challenging for me. And it’s fun (maybe!) for you. Let’s go!


The Warmth of Other Suns.

As current events show
America stands in the shadow of Jim Crow.
Though you might be aghast,
it’s important to learn about the past.
You can’t fix what you don’t know.

Before Watchmen.

I grabbed this on a lark.
Its storylines are dark,
but the writing
is exciting,
and it really hits the mark.

Better Than Before.

The key to making life better
is to be a go-getter.
Set your habits;
Let them multiply like rabbits.
Use your personality type to the letter.


The Bees & Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies & The City Under The Skin.

I die a little inside,
to admit that I tried —
but I failed.
I chose to bail.
I put these books aside.

As a personal note about this entry, I am absolutely never doing this format again.

This post took days to write.

Turns out I can’t rhyme at all. Basic kindergarten poetry is beyond me.

Five Fandom Friday: Guilty Pleasure Edition

This week’s 5FF is guilty pleasures. I’m so embarrassingly lowbrow that most of my geeky joys come from this category.

I’ve (sadly) whittled it down to the top five:


1. Space Cases. I still watch at least an episode a month of this slightly-terrible 1990s Nickelodeon sci-fi show. Something about it’s right. Like Doritos, or the perfect bra.

2. Plushy & doll tie-ins. Oh look! It’s a cute version of something I like! I’ll take five. (The worst offenders are these damn dolls. They’re taking over my house.)

3. Low-budget sci-fi. Give me your tired! Your poor! Your UFOs dangling from a string!

4. Sexy villains (and anti-heroes). Loki and Bucky/Winter Soldier rule Marvel. Morgue is my & my husband’s favorite person on Freakshow. We’d all rather hang out with Harley and Joker than Batman and Robin. Heaven’s nice, but Hell has all the interesting people.

5. Robots. Big or small, complicated or simple, humanoid or angular, with or without feelings. My favorites are Data (Star Trek), Bender (Futurama), Agent Smith (Matrix), the Daleks (Doctor Who), the Jaegers (Pacific Rim), THELMA (Space Cases), and Wall-E. I prefer funny ones that are on the verge of self-awareness. All shows would be improved with an android companion.

Other things that didn’t make the cut include:
– reading fanfic
– complaining loudly about all the good shows getting canceled
– SyFy Originals (movies or shows)
– ogling pictures of cosplay
– looking up actors from old TV shows on Facebook to see how they’re doing.

That last one’s creepy.

We should maybe have a Five Fandom Friday that’s like “what’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever done, as a fan?

I’m sure people have done some damn creepy things.

4 Sci-Fi/Horror Movies To Watch This Weekend

Real talk: you need to see the new Mad Max movie immediately.

Before you scoff at me, you should know that this movie features no anti-Semites (that we know of) and the protagonist is actually Charlize Theron with a steampunk cyborg arm.

I know it sounds stupid, but this movie is epic, and must be seen in theaters to fully enjoy. It’s a surroundsound whiplash orgy with a shocking 98% on rotten tomatoes (almost unheard of).


This film is so feminist this guy’s scrotum killed itself (please click that link).

It’s also visually intense.


Have you ever really considered the notion of “branding”? Cattle gets branded. When you wear a logo, you’re basically tying yourself in with a company — being owned by it.

In this movie, one of the most important things I noticed was the villain’s (really cool) skull-in-steering-wheel logo everywhere. If he were a cat, he’d have pissed all over this entire movie.

It’s on his face. It’s on his cars. It’s on his slaves. It’s on his wives’ chastity belts. Keep an eye out: this notion of ownership is very important to the film. You will be rewarded for your keen eye. The world-building is exquisite.

You will also be rewarded by the amazing guitarist-on-bungee-cords character. He’s a Civil War drummer boy on steroids. He. is. so. metal.

Other films I’ve seen lately: 


Housebound (Netflix). A young woman is put on house arrest with her parents. The house is haunted, and there might be a murderer on the loose. This movie’s the perfect mix of funny, creepy, and outright weird.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (theaters). I saw this movie. I enjoyed this movie. The movie ended, and I haven’t really thought about it since. One of the hallmarks of a good movie, I think, is whether it sticks with you, but this movie slid right off when I exited the theater. There were so many characters and action scenes that the plot took second place. Nobody really got a chance to shine. That said, if you want to watch things punch each other and blow up — admire Robert Downey Jr — this is for you.

Ex Machina (theaters). At what point can artificial intelligence match human intelligence and emotion? Can artificial intelligence have emotion? Rage? Love? This movie deals with these heavy topics as an AI creator, his employee, and his AI manipulate each other toward a suspenseful climax. Though the trailers portray this as an action movie, it’s really more of an indie thought piece.

Enjoy your theater-going, friends — I’ll be back soon with books. (Nerdy!)