5 Links, Including A Fugly Shark & Badly-Dressed Teenagers

^ 1. It’d be super-fun to submit something to this year’s Graceful Envelope Contest. Check out the galleries of winners here.

2. We always suspected this, but it’s now been proven that dogs know who’s a jerk.

^ 3. Go ahead and google “goblin shark.” I’ll wait.

4. This Amazon Review makes me laugh every time I think about it. I keep it in my brain’s (metaphorical) back pocket and break it out as needed.

^ 5. The Japanese magazine FRUiTS is shutting down because “there were no more fashionable kids to photograph.” Kids these days. Am I right? Get off my lawn, you shabbily-dressed ragamuffins.

dELiA*s, Pen Pals, and No Cell Phone: It’s the 1990s!

Yesterday I mailed a letter to Germany that had ink on it and embroidery inside. I also forgot my phone at home.

mail art pen pal calligraphy letter to germany

“No cell phone? And a pen pal? What is this — the 1990s?” a friend asked incredulously.

“I wish,” I replied wistfully.

That evening, I noticed a Delia*s tag on my friend’s jacket.

“I’ve had this for about 10 years,” she said.

I miss the Delia*s catalog.

So does Buzzfeed, as is evidenced by articles like 31 Things You Desperately Needed From The Delia*s Summer ‘96 Catalog and 19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting the Delia*s Catalog.

There’s still a dELiA*s site, but it sucks. Don’t go there. You’ll be depressed by the modern age.

The Top 4 Pieces of Mail Art I’m Sending This Week

I was reading an article on “getting people to click on your posts” and it said posts with a number in the title are the most popular. My posts are mostly “here’s a drawing and word vomit,” but I think I could attach numbers to the process.

Without further ado, 4 pieces of outgoing mail I did for Pushing the Envelopes‘ monthly swap. I’ve removed at least one piece of identifying information from each envelope so you don’t stalk these people.



This one’s a monoprint. I rolled ink onto a plate, scraped away a center stripe, and then pressed the envelope into the plate. The center area had no ink on it, so was a perfect spot to put an address.


This one’s also a monoprint. The rectangle with the writing in it had some old, partially-dry paint on it; the bottom and sides had fresh paint.


This paint is seriously cracked and crazy looking, which I adore. My pen wasn’t thrilled with how bumpy this was.


I used a brayer roller to apply some light blue here. I’ve saved the best for last; I think this one’s super-pretty. It’s swooshy for days.

If anyone wants to swap envelopes with me, leave a note in the comments.

This post has nothing original or enlightening for you to enjoy whatsoever.

This post doesn’t have much in the way of original content — but I hope you enjoy this calligraphy practice.


The way I’ve been working is probably tedious and not-recommended. I sketch everything out in pencil & go over it in ballpoint. I trace the final piece with a pointed nib on vellum.


I’ve been in a dreamy literary mood lately.

If only I had time to read! I can’t wait until winter’s blanket-snuggling, novel-gobbling luxury. It’ll be a thing of beauty.

Jane Goodall Wants To Believe

Because I’m me — and not someone with better life skills — I got trapped in a conversation with a Bigfoot enthusiast last week.

I don’t trust people who don’t believe in Bigfoot,” he said.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,” I hedged.

“Exactly!” he said.


The man ranted about how Jane Goodall believes in Bigfoot, too. (Turns out, that’s sorta true.)

My beloved Alyson kept goading him into talking more.

I eventually excused myself on the premise of getting more food in the other room. Once again, food saves the day.

I love cryptozoology (check out all my cryptozoology-related posts!). Love it! But I don’t believe in it.

Humans are basically an algae bloom upon this earth. They’ve fanned out, populated, and polluted almost every nook and cranny of the planet.

There’s plenty more to discover, but it’s probably not going to be a Squatch.

That’d be the coolest thing ever — but unlikely.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s cheese somewhere else I’m not eating.