My Top 5 Inktober Paintings

Inktober is the annual tradition of spending a month trying to bend liquid pigment to your will.

Imagine: the days are long; the nights are dark; and you are covered in ink. Your fountain pen is clogged and so is the space under your fingernails. You aren’t sure you’re going to survive to Halloween, but you do. Even though the challenge is over, you still have a hundred-yard-stare. Ink is hard. And you’re not sure you’ve improved much at all.

I do this to myself every year.

This year was particularly intense because my husband wanted me to make a wall of them and use it for part of our haunted house. I couldn’t back out. I had to come through for the sake of our Halloween party.

Let’s all look at my favorite piece:

This is Hadwin. He’s a vampire learning to fly. His entire life, Hadwin listened to stories of great flying raids. He drew pictures of himself flying. He bounced on trampolines, waiting for his moment. Now that he’s finally able to transform, he’s realized: he’s afraid of heights.

Sometimes the things you want most in life turn out to be things you don’t like at all. For example, I’d always dreamed of being a successful New York City designer. Then I tried to move to New York. I realized that I didn’t like New York.

Ah well. I did Inktober from a cornfield. Nobody’s perfect.

Here are my 4 runners-up: 

We gave away these paintings (and the other 20+ of them) at a party, and all four of the these were taken.

Yes, that includes the screaming, shirtless, chest-hair-saturated bunny-man. That piece is hanging on someone’s wall right now. One of my friends apparently thought, “oh yes, this angst goes perfectly with my décor.”

Ah, the malaise that a Leah Lucci Original™ can bring into your home. Accept no substitutes.

Monday Prompt: Do Something You’re Shitty At, Like Drawing Architecture

Branching out can be the goddamn worst.

Lately I’ve been trying to do things I suck at, or straight-up don’t know how to do. I’ve been experimenting with crochet, and yesterday I tried making work lunches for the week ahead of time.

I also tried drawing some buildings, because I can’t.


A part of me thought, “maybe if I try drawing buildings, I’ll discover that I’m a natural! Maybe I’ll really love it.”

Possibly my last improv show?

Tomorrow night is probably my last improv show.


I’m sad about this. My group’s like a second family to me. They’re mostly grad students and faculty, and are applying for jobs outside of Central PA; soon, we won’t have enough members to continue.

So, if you’re nearby, you should come to the show and wish us the best!

Peace out, other species.

Just as I was fresh off illustrating this huge pile of fancy corpses, someone asked me for more.

Full-up on human skulls, I decided to look to the animal kingdom for some inspiration.


(They’re black & white because they aren’t finished yet.)

I suppose you could take these as some kind of commentary about how humans are murdering all the other creatures on Earth — but that only occurred to me after I’d finished them.

I don’t usually think too deeply while doodling.


The first person to correctly identify the species of all six of these skulls (without peeking around the Internet — I’m trusting you) will get a free colorful finalized one in the mail (or in person).

You have to leave the comments here, not on FB!


Illustration by Leah Lucci

I wonder who’s more delicious: Care Bears or Care Bear Cousins.

Welcome to the dark and secret world of the sketchbook — well, the 25% of it I think is worth sharing. The rest of it is notes and doodles that fell to shit.

The drawings that fail occur when, ironically, I get started on something and someone compliments it. I crumble under pressure.

But anyway, your time is precious, so let’s proceed. All of these are pencil on Moleskine.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Wow, it got autobiographical in here all of a sudden.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

It’s always sunny on top of clouds, which does not work in Vampire Bear’s favor whatsoever. He must have some kind of a subterranean mid-cloud passageway system to get from place to place.

Does he prefer the blood of Care Bears or Care Bear Cousins? Or humans?

Illustration by Leah Lucci

I feel like Princess Leia actually resembles Carrie Fisher here. Though you might image that’s kind of the point, it actually very rarely occurs.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

What’s with girls wearing scarves when it’s warm?

Also, I think this werewolf is one of the best impromptu doodles I’ve ever done. I’m psyched with him.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Stereotype corner: most children are creepy and most artists are French. 

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Bela Lugosi is the only vampire with that name I should have to hear about! And that’s final.


And thus concludes the Adventure Time sketchbook. I’m buying a new one today. 

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