I’ve decided the Starbucks Cup thing is NBD. Let’s focus on Detective Pikachu now.

Art isn’t created in a vaccuum.

It’s created near a Starbucks.

Today, the Internet exploded in response to some coffee weaseling its way into Westeros.

“How could this have happened?” type-A people lamented. “How could no one have seen that?”

It’s Starbucks’ brand saturation being so heavy that no one sees it any more. My hypothesis is that effective branding is like a mind-worm. It becomes so part of your life that you fuse with it.

Like, for example, what’s that thing you blow your nose with? Quick. It’s a Kleenex®, right? And that thing you use when you have a cut? A Band-Aid®, yeah? You rarely call the former “tissues” or the latter “adhesive bandages.”

The word “Starbucks” is basically just a synonym for “coffee” at this point.

Camera and continuity people were looking around the shot for things that are clearly off — like, for example, a character looking at an iPhone. Did people in the middle ages talk on iPhones? No. But did they drink something with their meal? Sure.

As errors go, I’m giving this one a pass. I didn’t even notice it.

Plus, if they can afford to animate dragons, they can afford to edit this out for the DVDs.

Meanwhile, here are 5 other things I’ve looked up recently besides “Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup”:

What’s the new Notre Dame going to look like?
Maybe this.

How’s Detective Pikachu faring on Rotten Tomatoes?
Pretty well.

What’s going on with Kevin Spacey?
He pled not guilty on felony charges 4 months ago.

(sorta related to previous) What are the statutes of limitations for various crimes?
I’m probably going to get onto some kind of federal watchlist just for wondering this, but anyway, here’s the answer for Pennsylvania.

How do you tell the Property Brothers apart? 
Left-handed vs right-handed, obviously.

You’re welcome, Internet.