Art History: 5 Pictures of Hairy Mary Magdalene

I was meandering through medieval paintings for inspiration (as one does), I fell into a pit of hairy ladies.

I guess we can check that fantasy off my bucket list, am I right?

So what was happening with this very fluffy dame?

Turns out it’s Mary Magdalene, former prozzie and Jesus’ homegirl.

According to some religious historians, Mary’s hair was a reaction to the sun. After Jesus passed away, she wandered off into the desert to, you know, repent or think or whatever. Instead of getting a sunburn — as people typically do — she developed a pelt. In an era before sunblock, people had to find creative solutions.

The patriarchy intended the coif to reflect her carnality. Her locks were an externalization of her sin.

If this could happen to her, it could happen to you, you dirty girl, you.

But hey, I dig Mary’s top-to-toe mane.

We’re body positive around here.