Which of these 5 emotions is worth the most on Etsy?

Here’s a fun game: type a random word into Etsy, and sort by highest price. It’s a game that incorporates art, artists’ egos, supply-demand, and the madness of Etsy into a glee-spree.

Today, I typed in 5 emotion-words: fear, hate, disgust, love, and bromance.

Which emotion is worth the most on Etsy? Read on to find out.

^ Bromance is apparently the least important emotion in terms of the human wallet. Batmance, an original ink & acrylic painting by Lindsay Strubbe, is an even $1,000.

You can also get this as a tote bag for $38, which a part of me is very tempted to do.

^ Disgust: Boy/Girl Dichotomizer by ChaosmosDichotomizer. This $2,000 piece encourages you to “Enjoy reproducing the white heteromasculinity of a world populated by violent and oppressive gender binaries!”

… Did Etsy just out-Etsy itself?

^ Hate: When The World Is Hate by D*Face, who has a really cool portfolio. “Pristine” condition acrylic on canvas, $10,000.

^ Fear: Illumination Beyond Ursa Major by Dave Martsolf, whose website appears to be from 1997. Original painting, $40,320. You can (and should!) click through to see a close-up of the child’s inscrutable face.

^ Love: The Spirit of Magic Mushrooms by RaixeAirisCREATORS, is $266,341.73.

This piece, crafted from “glowing pens, glowing markers, pencils,” is 5.25″ by 5.5″.

The artist also has a $140,921.41 painting of a “mushroom of love.” (It’s a dong.)

This experiment, though tiny, is more proof that love conquers all.

Go about your day uplifted, Internet!