Celebs, Goths, and the Childfree movement: OH MY!

US Weekly has a feature called “Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” It shows celebrities being profoundly banal.

Like this:


I couldn’t make this up. ^ I’m just not that good a writer.

I wonder who else is misunderstood…


Back when I wore more black, people were surprised that I liked pop music, avoided drugs, and got straight As. I wasn’t the self-destructive, musically-restricted goth stereotype they’d been imagining.¬†

Fast forward a few years.

Now I’m “the girl that’s not having kids.”

You know, the “selfish” woman (yes, I’ve been accused of this multiple times). The one who obviously must hate humanity as a whole — but its most sweet, innocent members in particular.


Look how much hate!

Kids are great. But we Luccis prefer video games, books, drawing, movies, going out to eat, financial stability, sleep, down time, and cursing.¬†Being the “cool family friends who spoil the crap out of the kids” is totally our speed.

Speaking of which, our Little Buddy collection has a new addition.

Meet Baby Evelyn (bottom right)! She looks exactly like her dad, Dr. Math. Which is kind of a pity, because I wanted to make paternity jokes. (Into every life a little rain must fall.) Congrats, Dr. Math & Special K! I look forward to hopefully not breaking your kid.