I Lost 200 Pounds, Made Friends, And Overcame Agoraphobia — All Thanks To Pokemon Go!

I was pumped to see lot of geeks outside playing Pokemon Go today. Who knew that forcing us nerds outside — exercising — would be so successful?


For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon Go is an app. As you walk, when you walk past landmarks, parks, art, or points of interest, you can collect trinkets, animals (Pokemon), etc. Your phone buzzes, and you catch the Pokemon in real life. Certain areas are dense with Pokemon and drops, such as parks, cities, and college campuses. There are people catching Pokemon in hospitals, finding corpses, and committing crimes.

Here are the 3 best things about the game:

The game incentivizes exercise. I predict that people are going to lose a lot of weight playing this game. Walking and running can be sweaty and dull. It takes a long time to see results.  But if you’re collecting things, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re triggering feel-good hormones in association with something you hated before. Just today, for example, I went on a 3-mile run to grab some trinkets, then walked with my husband around campus to get more. Then, after dinner, we had to walk to a park to experiment with another feature of the game.

The game puts you near other people. Video games typically happen in the privacy of the home — alone. This game’s nature involves leaving the house and going to hotspots where other people might be. This afternoon, my husband and I ran into tons of people playing the game. People were exchanging tips, instructions, and locations of different areas to catch certain Pokemon. Because everyone was playing the same game, there wasn’t that socially awkward “what should we talk about?” moment. There was at least one common denominator. Talking to new people felt easy.

The game helps you discover new features of your town. One of my friends stated that this game would revolutionize the public’s interaction with public art. It’s true: my husband and I have found new parks, sculptures, murals, and dedicated benches all over town.  I’m not sure how they’re determined, exactly, but there are some awesome spots embedded in the game.

The game gets you out of the house. There’s a lot to be said for just leaving sometimes. Sunshine, fresh air, and exercise are all great for you; but sometimes one can’t be bothered. This game makes you bother, and, I suspect, will help people with agoraphobia get out of the house. It’s a project.

The game isn’t the solution to the world’s problems, but I do think that making dull things fun and rewarding is something that should be pursued further. Turning onerous tasks into games helps get them done.

I, for one, am exhausted. This Pokemaster is going to bed.

Pokemon, go home. You’re drunk.

Every time a new Pokemon game is released, I briefly become a video game widow. But this post isn’t about my Poke-rage. It’s about tattoo mistakes.


My Poke-week started when someone posted this tattoo disaster on Reddit. The person who got it was “drunk and on Xanax” when he made that choice. Stories that open up with someone being drunk and on Xanax rarely end in “finding the cure for cancer!”

The person who made the post declared it a “Blackface Charmander,” but it turns out it’s the Charmander from Hatboy’s Tim Burton x Pokemon series. That said, the tattoo is still a disaster.

A subsequent google search for “Ugly Pokemon” resulted in finding this wonderful series by EatToast. (Will someone please buy me this Fiji Mermaid they made?)

Lunatics, devils, and vampires, oh my! : The Week In Media

We delve into the historical/supernatural this week. Knitted creatures flit about. Vampires and demons live stylish, modern lives. And, as is the case with this blog, the lunatics are running the asylum.


The past few weeks have included the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Little Big Planet 3, Horns, The Only Lovers Left Alive, Stonehearst Asylum, and the Bone Clocks. If you’re interested in any of that, read on…

Looks Inspired By: Fun Fashion Finds

One of my side projects is Looks Inspired By, a blog in which I construct fabulous real-life outfits based on fictional characters. Assembling these looks combines my favorite things: collecting along a theme, being a fangirl, drooling over things I can’t have, spending hours on Etsy, and photoshopping everything so it looks its best.

Here are a few of my recent faves:

A look inspired by the big top on Etsy:
Headband ($15.50), Monkey tee ($24); Boots ($19), & Striped skirt ($18)

Gamer Girls Unite! : a look on Etsy
In this look: Handmade hoodie (~$118), Mario earrings ($20); USB bracelet ($30), & Game controller skirt ($46)

A look inspired by Morticia Addams on Etsy:
Necklace ($13.95), dress ($194); vintage shoes ($34), & lace skeleton leggings ($85)

A Look Inspired by TRON/Androids on Etsy
If you want to look like you’re in some kind of German-techno-inspired future this Halloween, here’s how it’s done: Fight gear (~$196), Eyewear ($200); Circuit ring ($49), & Vintage platform shoes ($214)

The Internet is a joyous and bizarre place for every conceivable style and whim. I hope to hunt down the most wonderful parts and present them over time, piece by piece.