My Top 5 Inktober Paintings

Inktober is the annual tradition of spending a month trying to bend liquid pigment to your will.

Imagine: the days are long; the nights are dark; and you are covered in ink. Your fountain pen is clogged and so is the space under your fingernails. You aren’t sure you’re going to survive to Halloween, but you do. Even though the challenge is over, you still have a hundred-yard-stare. Ink is hard. And you’re not sure you’ve improved much at all.

I do this to myself every year.

This year was particularly intense because my husband wanted me to make a wall of them and use it for part of our haunted house. I couldn’t back out. I had to come through for the sake of our Halloween party.

Let’s all look at my favorite piece:

This is Hadwin. He’s a vampire learning to fly. His entire life, Hadwin listened to stories of great flying raids. He drew pictures of himself flying. He bounced on trampolines, waiting for his moment. Now that he’s finally able to transform, he’s realized: he’s afraid of heights.

Sometimes the things you want most in life turn out to be things you don’t like at all. For example, I’d always dreamed of being a successful New York City designer. Then I tried to move to New York. I realized that I didn’t like New York.

Ah well. I did Inktober from a cornfield. Nobody’s perfect.

Here are my 4 runners-up: 

We gave away these paintings (and the other 20+ of them) at a party, and all four of the these were taken.

Yes, that includes the screaming, shirtless, chest-hair-saturated bunny-man. That piece is hanging on someone’s wall right now. One of my friends apparently thought, “oh yes, this angst goes perfectly with my décor.”

Ah, the malaise that a Leah Lucci Original™ can bring into your home. Accept no substitutes.

Ads That Are Memorable for the Wrong Reason

The annual Lemont Strawberry Festival was halfheartedly promoted with a few hand-drawn signs scattered around town.

The signs were so ugly and forgettable that my husband said he could do better.

I said I could one-up “better” — I could make something very, very memorable.


Icky, right?

Creepy and ugly ad campaigns are my favorite. Consider, for example, the tattoo-worthy Burger King:


This is not a guy you leave alone with your sister.

Caption This!

After spending hours carefully crafting a “Vampire at the Kentucky Derby” illustration, I realized I had no idea what to write.

So I asked Facebook.

This was the winner:

Sunhats and No Souls by Leah Lucci

And here’s the winner again, in a brighter color palette:


My friend Laura’s husband, David, suggested the theme of fitting in with big sun hats; and Tara wrote “They’re just as dead inside as I am!”

There were suggestions for giving her a sunburn and/or making her lament not wearing a yet bigger hat.  People were fixated on her “ballin’ ass hat.”

A few other good ideas:

  • “Mint julep? I asked for a Bloody Mary.”
  • “Talk about fast food.”
  • “It’s times like this I don’t mind not hanging around with Catherine the Great.”
  • “I married a rich, white vampire and don’t know what to do with my eternity.”

Anyway, that was a fun little exercise. One that exploded my entire Facebook feed for 12 hours.

Maybe I should always crowd-source my thinking. It’s much easier than coming up with original content.