Sketchbook Pages from the National Museum of the American Indian

Imagine two kids on the playground: a hippie kid, and a big, mean kid in boat shoes named Chet.

The hippie kid is doing fine in school until Chet transfers in. Chet kicks the crap out of the hippie kid, kills his family, and lights his house on fire.

If you’re thinking Chet sounds unkind, welcome to American history. Take a seat. Chet does plenty more for hundreds of years.

The United States has apologetically carved out a space dedicated to the hippie kid. The National Museum of the American Indian is a smooth, striking building in muted tones that nestles in with the other Smithsonian museums on the National Mall. The exterior has no angles.


I find its blobbiness appealing. I’m sure someone bitched about it, though. People always hate cool architecture.

Inside the museum, there are a variety of exhibits, including the Treaty exhibit, which details “the diplomacy, promises, and betrayals involved in two hundred years of treaty-making between the United States and Native Nations, as one side sought to own the riches of North America and the other struggled to hold on to its homelands and ways of life.”

The extensive sadness of the Treaty exhibit cannot be overstated.

However, there were also tons of exhibits that were charming. My favorites were the ones with artifacts.

I love artifacts. 

I could draw artifacts all day.



My favorite artifacts are masks.

And my favorite masks were the Inti Raymi Festival masks (drawn on bottom right). They look just like Guy Fawkes masks. (Or, as my mom called them, “the masks those hackers use.”)


Going to one of these Peruvian festivals has just been placed onto my bucket list!

Overall, I recommend this museum. There is a tinge of sadness associated with it, due to the obvious; but the overall feeling is celebratory, historical, and hopeful.

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Virginia’s DinosaurLand!

Jurassic Park doesn’t exist (yet!), so you’ll have to settle for a close second: DinosaurLand.

Here are the top 5 reasons to go.


1. Education. All displays are completely to scale and photorealistic. The placards tell you fascinating facts. Did you know that the praying mantis is “the highest evolved of all insects”? Bet you didn’t think evolution worked that way. Well, it does.


2. Terror. You will be at the edge of your seat the entire time. Except you won’t be sitting — you’ll be running for your life! These displays are so spot-on that you’ll still have the jitters when you’re back on the highway.


3. Biodiversity. Nature has provided bounteous derp-faces in all shapes and sizes. Gaze in wonder at the one-toothed Sabertooth and all his friends. You will find smirks, scowls, leers, giggles, and big-tongued roars galore.

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Blasting off… in the wrong direction

This morning I had my headphones on and hopped the bus into work. Which was cool until the bus turned down a completely different road than it normally does.

And I realized:
“I may have gotten on the wrong bus.”

Then I wondered:
“Is there more than one bus that goes by my house?
I thought there was just the one.
Where could this one possibly go?”

At which point I recalled:
“I’ve gotten on the wrong bus before — and wound up on my way to the hospital instead of downtown.
I’ve gotten on the wrong subway car before — and wound up in Harlem.”

Luckily, this morning’s route had one stop downtown, which I gratefully took. I daresay I grand jetéd the fuck out of that bus.

I'm a pretty pretty ballerina!
(source photo for this image here)

Today’s collection of transportation-related beauties has been lovingly crafted in honor of my profound spaciness. 

A Transportation List on Etsy

The best proof of my spaciness (literally!): three Tardis-related things.

Because we all know I’d be dancing to Nicki Minaj or something and teleport the Tardis into a wall. 

Oops. Dead.

I suspect this is why my husband always insists on driving us places.