Goth up your tea game!

The area between “sort of edgy” and “likes old-fashioned things” is usually the realm of hipsters.

But what if “hipster” doesn’t feel right? You don’t have enough of a beard, or you don’t love beer, or you just want to wear black all the time?

Have you considered becoming a tea goth?

Whether you love coffee, tea, or gothy things, here are five Etsy (buy handmade!) finds for you:

1. This skull mug ($42). Skulls are in everybody’s head. But for some reason not everyone celebrates them. This is a body-positivity fail. Enjoy your body, and its underpinnings, while you wake up.

2. This spiky mug with a purple interior ($35). The spikes say “I’m tough!” but the fact that you’re a Goth in the first place says “I have a lot of tender feelings in here.”

3. A teaspoon that says “poison” ($11.42). How funny would it be if you actually poisoned someone with this? (I mean, don’t. This is a hypothetical thought exercise.)

4. A skull mug enamel pin ($7). In case you can’t afford the real skull mug, or want to add to the bounty of pins on your black denim jacket.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas teapot ($125). I want this despite my beef with Tim Burton, and the fact that I prefer a gravity steeper. It’d look so good in my house.

Any other suggestions for this list?

I have scoured the land for this week’s 5 links.

Behold, friends, some Internet fineries:

^ I just discovered the work of outsider artist JJ Cromer. I am besotted.

^ I also just discovered Linda Tegg’s work. My favorite series is the one with dogs (of course).

The Sororitea Sisters is #4 on the Top 100 Tea Blogs & Websites for Tea Enthusiasts! I’m a proud Sister, and I’m so psyched about this. My posts are here.

In praise of soda: an article I fully support, even though I’m trying to drink less of the fizzy delight myself.

^ Figurines based on Heironymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (and other works) are available. I want every one of them. Will you help me convince my husband they’re in line with our décor?

Did you find anything you really dug this week?



Barbie-Flavored Victorian Explosion

Mad tea party, anyone?


Darling Alys, for whom this stag sipping tea was designed, is to be lawfully wedded to a man whose last name is literally Grimm. She’s going to be Alys in Grimm-land. You know what that means, don’t you? If you guessed “fancy hats in the pinkest place you can imagine,” you nailed it.

If you’re ever in Bethel Park, PA (… for some reason), you should check out Bella’s House of Fine Teas.


I’m not kidding. Look at this place. It had custom-painted ceiling tiles with little pink flowers and hearts on them. Though it’s mostly a Barbie-flavored Victorian explosion, the other rooms have other themes/color schemes.


You might notice the weird number of wedding dresses everywhere. I thought they’d broken them out to be in theme for Alys’ shower. Not so. They just have old wedding dresses up all over the place.


Here’s the bride-to-be being thrilled that she matches the décor. On the right is Drea enjoying a sandwich croissant and sipping chai.


What did she get? you may ask. I gave her like $50 worth of chocolate, which is a shit-ton, and she is absolutely not giving a single ounce to her husband. She also received a porcelain bride doll from her grandmother (which goes with a set).

Her mother made her a bee hat with a rainbow of garters to give out as favors. No one understood the bee hat or the garters, exactly. I got a black one and spent the rest of the evening striding through supermarkets and family dinners with it exposed like a flapper. I take the joke too far.

Good stuff! Congratulations, Alys & Chris!