We can build him. We have the technology.

It’s still Robot Week on Illustration Friday!

Friday, I introduced the GardenBot 5000 (in purple). Today I bequeath unto the world the HipsterDroid 1.7, complete with analog parts.


Its face is a Polaroid Land camera. The voice is a built-in gramophone that is piped up through the mouth. Its prehensile mustache is capable of taking photos and holding your PBR. It needs to be charged up on a solar panel attached to the back of your bicycle.

If you’d like to borrow one of your own, the King of Park Slope, the Napoleon of Brooklyn probably has one already. He’s one of those guys who can get into the beta test of anything.

I want to keep everything as a pet.

The point of Penn State’s annual “Wild About Animals” fair is to raise money for animal-related charities.

The result of Penn State’s annual “Wild About Animals” fair is to make me want a litany of un-domesticated animals in my house.

Like this injured bird, Nostradamus:


I can’t remember the details, but he flew his precious little self into a car or something and now cannot hunt. So he lives large (ha!) in an animal rescue. This image is basically (depending on your monitor) actual size. He’s a wee sprite.

If I could, I would take Nostradamus home and lay all the dead rats at his feet he could ever want.

Or whatever it is these little owls eat. I’d kill the prey myself and feed him mouth-to-beak like a baby bird if I had to.

I just want this thing, okay?


Here are some other insane animals that the people around here keep. Goats and sheep? Sure. Zebras? Camels?

Turns out the camel was purchased to be part of an annual live nativity scene.

If I could own a camel, I’d lend it out to people once a year for a nativity scene. Sure. Just let me have the camel the rest of the year.

When I saw the camel, I nearly sobbed, and blurted out to the person who owned it: “I’ve always wanted one.”

Which surprised my husband. But it’s true. I’ve always wanted one.

Imagine riding one into work every day. Totally beats my Dodge Neon. (Sorry, car.)

I only live two miles away from work. If I lived farther, the camel might pose a problem.


This zebra let me pet it.


On the left there are yaks. Finally, the rarely-sighted letter “y” animal!


I was really psyched about how much everyone loved what they were doing.

The girl on the left (holding Nostradamus) was clearly besotted with him.

The guy on the right is a licensed falconer, which is fucking amazing.

The keen among you might notice that this is technically a hawk. You are correct. He still considers himself a falconer despite this discrepancy.


I am incapable of going anywhere without making a few new buddies.

Both of these things are supposed to be giving me kisses… but I think the Easter Bunny is plotting to gnaw out my jugular. Whatever, he gave me candy. He and I are cool.

What un-traditional pet would you like?