Frida Kahlo, 1929

I like drawing people I see on the street and in the office. Because I am supremely creepy.

I’m not going to lie to you, friends: I’m an ogler.

Nay — a stalker.


I creep around. I check out everyone’s outfits and draw them.

There are tons of people out there who have no idea I’ve documented them forever without their consent.

The most recent sketches of note are Tracy’s outfit (the polka dotted blazer was eye-catching), the fearless Cheetah Print Steak & Shake lady, and the Girl With Giant Frida Headband.

It was like this, but bigger:

Frida Kahlo, 1929

It was a daring choice for a girl wandering around Bellefonte. I loved her.

Keep dressing fashionably, Internet. Maybe I’ll draw you next. 

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Illustration by Leah Lucci

I wonder who’s more delicious: Care Bears or Care Bear Cousins.

Welcome to the dark and secret world of the sketchbook — well, the 25% of it I think is worth sharing. The rest of it is notes and doodles that fell to shit.

The drawings that fail occur when, ironically, I get started on something and someone compliments it. I crumble under pressure.

But anyway, your time is precious, so let’s proceed. All of these are pencil on Moleskine.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Wow, it got autobiographical in here all of a sudden.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

It’s always sunny on top of clouds, which does not work in Vampire Bear’s favor whatsoever. He must have some kind of a subterranean mid-cloud passageway system to get from place to place.

Does he prefer the blood of Care Bears or Care Bear Cousins? Or humans?

Illustration by Leah Lucci

I feel like Princess Leia actually resembles Carrie Fisher here. Though you might image that’s kind of the point, it actually very rarely occurs.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

What’s with girls wearing scarves when it’s warm?

Also, I think this werewolf is one of the best impromptu doodles I’ve ever done. I’m psyched with him.

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Stereotype corner: most children are creepy and most artists are French. 

Illustration by Leah Lucci

Bela Lugosi is the only vampire with that name I should have to hear about! And that’s final.


And thus concludes the Adventure Time sketchbook. I’m buying a new one today. 

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