5 Things That Happened During The Month I Forgot About This Blog

Whoops. Forgot I had a blog. My bad. Sorry, Mom.


1. I hiked Watkins Glen, an orgy of waterfalls and gorges. The Finger Lakes is a gorge-ous place.


2. I got a second tattoo, of a death’s head moth (top). I illustrated the original illustration for the tattoo artist to apply. It’s a reference to my love of Hannibal/horror/reading/movies/Silence of the Lambs.

The hairs there are from my dog shedding into the moisturizer. Which is gross, but not as gross as the back hair people were joking about on Facebook. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The bottom tattoo is Alys’. We got the tattoos together, because TWINSIES. So Goth. Very wow.


3. I crocheted Clyde the Yeti. He likes jazz music. We share a classic pear body type.


4. I designed this logo for an ice cream pop company. Delicious.


5. I was my husband’s muse. Behold this portrait. It’s me, imagining cake.

As you can see, I am the second-best artist in the family.

I should hand this blog over to him.

He’d probably update it.

Oh, Snap: Cool guys don’t look at explosions; and other important revelations.

We open this post with my friend John walking away from a mushroom cloud.


Cool guys don’t look at explosions. It is known.

And now for a few other images that encapsulate this fabulous week.


^ Which of these is not like the other?


^ 1. New clothes! 2. Our friends are fostering a new beagle! 3. Moody selfie! 4. Another shot of that new beagle!

Sadly, the beagle in question is wearing the Cone of Shame because her previous people tried to cut off her ear.

That’s right: it’s often an awful world.

But she’ll learn to love again, I just know it. I started earning her trust by feeding her pieces of quiche under the table. I think she’s warming up to people (or at least me) nicely.


A thing that is very distinctly¬†not awful: my friends’ daughter, A. She gets cuter every time I see her. I want a grown-up-sized version of her wardrobe.


Top: Nature-y shit. Bottom: Just because birds are fowl doesn’t mean they’re foul.


This covered bridge is awesome. I’m drawn to it.¬†If it weren’t a popular thoroughfare in a public park, I’d totally host a party in there or something.


What’s this? A bunch of doodles working their way down the pipeline? Of course. Always.

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Super Starling! is fun for the whole family… except for the children, because I curse and stuff.

Stay out of trouble, Internet. See you next time.

Oh Snap: In retrospect, this is a sort of depressing post in which Central Pennsylvania doesn’t come out looking too good.


Every year, some grand old building in Bellefonte explodes in flames. Here’s the latest victim.

Old buildings + what must be a very lax series of regulations = matchbox metropolis.


In addition to flaming buildings, Bellefonte also offers violent statues.

And a thrift store with a very princess-y prom boutique front section:


Don’t worry; this thrift also has the requisite hideous finds.