dELiA*s, Pen Pals, and No Cell Phone: It’s the 1990s!

Yesterday I mailed a letter to Germany that had ink on it and embroidery inside. I also forgot my phone at home.

mail art pen pal calligraphy letter to germany

“No cell phone? And a pen pal? What is this — the 1990s?” a friend asked incredulously.

“I wish,” I replied wistfully.

That evening, I noticed a Delia*s tag on my friend’s jacket.

“I’ve had this for about 10 years,” she said.

I miss the Delia*s catalog.

So does Buzzfeed, as is evidenced by articles like 31 Things You Desperately Needed From The Delia*s Summer ‘96 Catalog and 19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting the Delia*s Catalog.

There’s still a dELiA*s site, but it sucks. Don’t go there. You’ll be depressed by the modern age.

The Top 4 Pieces of Mail Art I’m Sending This Week

I was reading an article on “getting people to click on your posts” and it said posts with a number in the title are the most popular. My posts are mostly “here’s a drawing and word vomit,” but I think I could attach numbers to the process.

Without further ado, 4 pieces of outgoing mail I did for Pushing the Envelopes‘ monthly swap. I’ve removed at least one piece of identifying information from each envelope so you don’t stalk these people.



This one’s a monoprint. I rolled ink onto a plate, scraped away a center stripe, and then pressed the envelope into the plate. The center area had no ink on it, so was a perfect spot to put an address.


This one’s also a monoprint. The rectangle with the writing in it had some old, partially-dry paint on it; the bottom and sides had fresh paint.


This paint is seriously cracked and crazy looking, which I adore. My pen wasn’t thrilled with how bumpy this was.


I used a brayer roller to apply some light blue here. I’ve saved the best for last; I think this one’s super-pretty. It’s swooshy for days.

If anyone wants to swap envelopes with me, leave a note in the comments.