Looks Inspired By: Fun Fashion Finds

One of my side projects is Looks Inspired By, a blog in which I construct fabulous real-life outfits based on fictional characters. Assembling these looks combines my favorite things: collecting along a theme, being a fangirl, drooling over things I can’t have, spending hours on Etsy, and photoshopping everything so it looks its best.

Here are a few of my recent faves:

A look inspired by the big top on Etsy:
Headband ($15.50), Monkey tee ($24); Boots ($19), & Striped skirt ($18)

Gamer Girls Unite! : a look on Etsy
In this look: Handmade hoodie (~$118), Mario earrings ($20); USB bracelet ($30), & Game controller skirt ($46)

A look inspired by Morticia Addams on Etsy:
Necklace ($13.95), dress ($194); vintage shoes ($34), & lace skeleton leggings ($85)

A Look Inspired by TRON/Androids on Etsy
If you want to look like you’re in some kind of German-techno-inspired future this Halloween, here’s how it’s done: Fight gear (~$196), Eyewear ($200); Circuit ring ($49), & Vintage platform shoes ($214)

The Internet is a joyous and bizarre place for every conceivable style and whim. I hope to hunt down the most wonderful parts and present them over time, piece by piece.