Get The Look: Casual Friday Joker In Her Living Room

When I saw this incredibly gorgeous, terrifying Joker mask on Etsy, I was hooked. (Wrong word, considering how this thing looks?)

I briefly had a regular feature called Looks Inspired By. It even had its own Tumblr. I discontinued the feature because Everyday Cosplay & Disneybound were doing it better.

But fuck it. I’m bringing it back, because I found wallpaper and a chair that looked like padded walls in a psych ward. It’s a sign.


The Joker’s a particularly weird character because nobody seems to know where he came from, or what he’s up to off-screen. He pops up, causes mayhem, and vanishes.

Does he have, like, an apartment? Is he an annoying neighbor, or is he the guy banging on the ceiling to “keep it down!”?

What does he eat? Does he cook it himself?

Where’s he going potty? Where’s he showering?

Do the pretty girls at Ulta throw him shade when he goes in there to buy his foundation?

Does he read? Does he have cable? Does he crochet, or collect stamps?

I’m just saying, there are a lot of hours in the day. He can’t possibly be harassing Batman for all of them. I want answers.

Fashion Friday: Abducted by Style!


My life changed drastically the day I saw the way Ancient Aliens‘ George Tsoukalos dresses in his spare time.

On the show, he wears suits. In real life, he’s basically a filthy Jersey Shore hippie.

He works at Seti, produces Ancient Aliens, and used to a bodybuilding promoter — so this weekend wardrobe pastiche makes sense.

The key to look is to put some stuff on your body that has patterns. Then put on jewelry & more jewelry. Then put on a patterned scarf. Then foof your hair out as big as possible. (You need to look like the alien traction beam is pulling your hair skywards). You’re ready!

This look is so cool that you’ll get abducted and butt-probed by history-interfering otherworldly beings. 

In case you were wondering, this outfit contains:

The galaxy’s the limit to how good it’s possible to look, guys.

Looks Inspired By Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) is rocking the red carpet super-hard right now. Like, give the carpet a breather, buddy.

I love every single thing she owns, and went on a quest to find some similar stuff — all for under $100 a piece.

I kind of regret the $100 a piece quest. It made this almost impossible. Almost.


Dior outfit: Surprisingly easy to emulate. I loved the blue and orange together. Daring and totally works. I kind of wish she’d worn an orange pillbox hat or something, too. It’s so Bizarro Jackie.


Miu Miu outfit: I didn’t really dig the red shoes with the dress, so I found another pair. This dress is similar in spirit. I kind of like the pink turtleneck top because it’s so bad it’s good again.


Rodarte outfit: This is where things began to slide off the rails. Congrats, Rodarte! There’s nothing quite like what you’re making.

So I just made something like what I’d wear to work if my shizznit were more together.

Let’s take a minute on pricing (mentioned up top). Why is everything so expensive?

Have I been permanently spoiled by the soothing low numbers of thrifting (and wholesale)?

How will I ever become a functional adult if the concept of a $20 shirt seems ridiculous? 

I am concerned about cheap fashion, mind you. Buying mass-produced crap and then throwing it out or donating it a few months later is excessive.

I am the sort of person who beats up clothes by working out constantly, walking everywhere, painting, and having a sheddy dog. I also do not separate my lights or darks and constantly forget to let brassieres and dri-fit clothing air-dry.

So I thrift my wardrobe. Basically all of it. I rescue my clothes from the thrift fate, pummel them into the ground until they’re threadbare and/or covered in stains, and discard them.

I’m basically a bottom-feeder who lives on trash.

I love looking (can we talk about the weird turtleneck bird dress again?) but just can’t bear to bring anything into the vortex of my home at the moment.

Has anyone seen my shoes?

Lost Ruby Red Slippers Calligraphy by Leah Lucci


I keep seeing ads for the new Wizard of Oz movie. Because James Franco makes me want to scratch my own face off, I doubt I’ll see it. The ads have me thinking about the original movie, though. Man, I loved those witches. (Surprise!)

Enclosed here are two outfit homages to the witches. If you’re looking to emulate these styles, please note that the items herein are visual style suggestions, not literal items one should necessarily buy.

When I was a kid, I’d look at the suggested items in magazines and freak out. Who has that kind of money?!

I now realize (hope) that the editors were just trying to find attractive examples of the points they were illustrating, not necessarily suggesting people go out and buy that exact, expensive item. Every expensive item has a spirit-twin out there that’s affordable!

Glinda the Good Witch: 

Outfit Inspired by Glinda The Good Witch

★ 1. Topshop Dress, $130
★ 2. Corset Skull Necklace, $40
★ 3. Tory Burch bracelet, $95
★ 4. White gold & diamond cuff, $10,250 (that is not a typo)
★ 5. Fleur de Lis pantyhose, $13
★ 6. Steve Madden taupe boots, $90.30

Wicked Witch of the West: 



♦ 1. Black fasincator hat, $345
♦ 2. 2012 Zuhair Muraid couture dress, worth more than my life
♦ 3. Delfina Delettrez scorpion wrap ring, blue variation $3,850 (for more on Delfina Delettrez, you can check out my post about her)
♦ 4. Snake flats by Madonna, $91
♦ 5. Robert Rodriguez necklace, $295

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I love fancy things — on-screen, anyway. In real life, I can’t be bothered.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Like this post? Check out other looks inspired by fictional/historical figures.

Looks Inspired by Mothra, Frida, Emily, and, um… Sexy Pirates?

When I see stuff like Mothra (the giant moth that’s frenemies with Godzilla), I think to myself, “I could probably design an outfit around that.”

Other inspirations for dream outfits lately have been Frida Kahlo, Emily Dickinson, and… a few Sailor Jerry (“pirate”) pieces I really like and assembled into a collection.

A look inspired by Mothra on Etsy:

Cape ($525), Goggles (~$277); Felted dress ($345), & Necklace ($25)


A look inspired by Frida Kahlo on Etsy:

Hairpiece ($115), Sugar skull earrings ($75); Scarf ($12), Crow necklace ($330); Embroidered blouse ($125), & Broomstick skirt ($42)

A look inspired by Emily Dickinson on Etsy:

Vintage hair pin ($25), Choker necklace (~$7.50); Mary Janes ($78), & Black dress with lace collar ($115)

and, last and probably least

A look inspired by sexy pirates on Etsy:

Sailing ship necklace ($990), Sailor Jerry dress ($250); Garter belt ($40), & Thigh-highs ($25)

I can’t imagine pirates really looked that sexy. Pirates seem… grubby.

The nautical Sailor Jerry style tattoo motif, though, continues on, and I’d gladly rock the dress, at least.

Just keep swimmin’, Internet.