Twas Two Nights After The Night Before Halloween


Twas the night after All Hallow’s eve
And the doll heads were hung in my house with care
Not a creature was stirring
Except for my difficult beagle-border collie mix, shedding everywhere


All the spooks lined up outside
Skulls, spiders, skeletons! Oh my!


One fish, two fish, three fish, reverse mermaid
Robo cop, Paul McCartney, and Tin Foil Hat Lady they played


Other people were other stuff
Rhyming is hard


The structure of this post was something
I shouldn’t’ve even tried to undertake
Look how cute these children are
Will that distract you
So seriously guys, what should we be next year

2013 Costume Awards

Is this post a valid awards ceremony or just an excuse to post pictures of my friends in costume?

Puzzle it over while I show you pictures of my friends in costume.


The hosts of the party knew far in advance about its Hogwarts theme. That didn’t mean they weren’t up at midnight the night before trying to figure out how to rig Mad-Eye’s eye, of course. But they were able to pull together a pretty good group. In the back are Hagrid, Madame Trelawney, Remus Lupin, Mad-Eye. In the front are Luna Lovegood and Hermione. (Nope, nobody wanted to be Harry or Ron. But the cool thing about Jo Rowling is that her secondary characters are arguably just as interesting, sometimes more so, than the primaries.)