Five Fandom Friday: Fiendish, freakish, frightening, futuristic, and/or fantastical Funko figurines.

Am I posting my Five Fandom Friday on the wrong day — or are you  too confined by society’s strictures of time and space?

Think outside the box.

Then get back inside the box, because this week’s theme is Funko Toys. (They come in boxes.)

For those of you who don’t know (hi, Mom), Funko’s a company that makes pop culture collectibles. I own a bunch (sorry, Mom). Here are my five favorites!


This screwed-up Joker/Batman thing (LootCrate exclusive). I have this and a Domo Batman but no actual real Batman. And I love Batman, even though the vlogbrothers don’t.


Bloody Hannibal (ComicCon exclusive). He is the most sharply-dressed villain of all time. Down to the pocket square.