Free Printable Unwinnable Feminist Super Bowl Bingo Sheet

The idea for this post started off as a tiny nugget: “What if Doritos showed an ad for Cool Ranch instead of Nacho Cheesier?”

Then I thought, “Wouldn’t be nice to see an ad featuring a same-sex couple? Or a plus-sized person that wasn’t the butt of a joke? Or men doing dishes? And why on earth is menstrual blood always portrayed as blue in ads for pads?”

Behold, friends: Unwinnable Super Bowl Bingo. The totally free, printable PDF, complete with translation chart, is right here. Play along at home.

What else are you going to do — actually care about sports?


You will not win, friends. No one ever will. But each square is one step closer to a more diverse, interesting world.

Crossing the Cthulu square off might be the last thing you ever do.

BING— death.

This week’s Gab Collab turned into this week’s Illustration Friday!

This week’s Gab Collab blob turned into a girl with very interesting hair properties:


(We all have hair days like this, no?)

Then the shape started to look like a cheese head, which tied into this week’s Illustration Friday theme (“edge”) because…  Packers fans will be the edge of their seats for the NFC divisional playoffs this weekend!


That’s contrived, I know; but I really love this drawing. I’m not even a Packers fan.

Happy football season, Internet!