I haven’t killed anybody!

Up until two weeks ago, I ate mostly peanut butter sandwiches, Doritos, Reeces cups, and Diet Coke. My DNA strands were comprised of sugar and caffeine, held tenuously together by delicate strands of aspartame.

Woefully, the time has come to stop treating my body like a trash can. So I’ve cut back on sugar and processed foods.

Considering this total about-face, I’ve been surprisingly un-murderous.

I daresay saintly.


As of this posting, I have received neither medal nor monument.

My new diet looks like this:


When this thing inevitably flies off the rails, I am going to get ridiculous on something chocolate and melty.

What’s your guilty pleasure food? I need performers for my Circus of Terrible Ideas.

Lose weight during the holidays? Hah!

My parents’ very fancy gym has a lot of included programming (classes, day care, etc). Their current group activity wall has a big sign that says “Lose Weight Over The Holidays!” Members can sign up for the program and, I imagine, win prizes for winning the most.

This is horrific. Lose weight over the holidays? That’s doing it wrong.


I’m not saying you should endanger your health by self-administering an IV of grease and melted-down sugar cookies.

But maybe December isn’t the time for a full offensive.

Maybe playing defense — holding the line — is enough.

On Pins & Needles: Frozen olive oil & veggie cubes


The Internet is chock full of good ideas — or not so good ideas. Hence sites like Pinterest Fail.

In my semi-regular feature Pins and Needles, I try things out for myself. (Note: this feature isn’t regular at all. There’s only other one post like it.)

This week’s quest is based on this image:


Well. That looks just fine. Let’s try it at home. 

My first problem is that I eat sloppy veggies. In this mix is onion, red & green pepper, and chives. This isn’t nearly as arty-looking.


Problem 2: After the ice cube trays are frozen (the following morning), it’s impossible to twist and crack the ice cube trays. You have to dig each individual cube out with a knife. Like a barbarian.

Problem 3: It appears that olive oil melts faster than a normal ice cube would. So these get slippery and dissolve super-fast. After laboriously digging each cube out of the tray, you need to promptly get the cubes into the baggie and back into the freezer.

Problem 4: An ice cube is 2 tablespoons of material. That’s a lot of olive oil for two eggs. (I found this out the hard way. Oops.) So now I’ll have to take a chisel of some sort and hack each cube in half before throwing it into the skillet.


Breakfast with 1/2 cube, two scrambled eggs, and 1.5 cups of skim milk: 427 calories. 20g carbs, 28g fat, 25g protein.

That’s a little higher in calories/fat/animal products than I’d like a breakfast to be, but it was a good start to the day. I made it to around 12:30 before I started getting light-headed and bitchy, so the fats and proteins held their own pretty well.

And, because I put in prep work, I can have this breakfast any time I’d like — just add eggs. I have the veggie/EVOO fixins for like 40 more of these.


Price for cubes: About $7-10 in supplies (chives, peppers, onions, olive oil).

Time for cubes: This was about 15-20 minutes of work. Messy, slippery work that’s a little labor-intensive, mostly on the cube end.

Verdict: I don’t regret having done this. I like veggies in my eggs, and, since I don’t eat them all that often, this will last me until the end of time. If you can find a use for this, try it out!