Preparing My Mabel Pines Cosplay!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but my costume often gets short-changed. It’s the season my job is crazy and the Winter Doldrums start tapping on my door. Plus, my husband — the darling Captain Procrastination — requires my Last Minute Mad Craft Skills on his elaborate, enthusiastic, bangin’ costumes.

I have a new policy: Costume Summer.


I’ve started hand-stitching a Mabel Pines costume. For those of you not in the know, she looks like this:


She has my hair and round face, so I don’t have to do a lot to be her. I can pop in my retainers to give the appearance of “braces.”

Also, she’s not wearing an outfit that’ll be cold or revealing in the winter or at a convention.

Because it’s a cartoon, it’s difficult to tell how her sweater was constructed. She’s shown on the show knitting and making crafts. It stands to reason the sweater — or at least the appliqué — was hand-made.

So I hit the craft store with a vengeance. I picked out fun fabrics. I touched all the thread. If I could do a cartwheel, I probably would have.

I was hyped to have a reason to buy an embroidery hoop.


Now my star just needs a home! I ordered a too-big turtleneck sweater on Ebay for $5, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Then a purple skirt (yay) and a pair of black ballet flats, and I’m ready to rock and roll. I’ll post pictures of the look as it progresses.

In the meantime, here are a few Mabel Pines & Gravity Falls cosplays that are totally knocking it out of the park:


Hope you’re having a great day, Internet!

How To Make Shrunken Head Christmas Ornaments

I found a note in my sketchbook that says “Shrunken heads are the size of Christmas ornaments.

It’s my handwriting. I must’ve put it there.

What was I thinking?


Was it just a note about relative size — or an idea for an amazing blog post? “DIY shrunken heads for a grim tree“?

Yes. Let’s make that post.


To be honest with you, I’m not sure how actual shrunken heads are made. I imagine it goes as follows:

  • Slay your enemy.
  • Skin his skull.
  • Put the resulting skin… in front of a shrink ray?
  • Fill it with Poly-Fil®.
  • Spritz it with Febreze® whenever it gets funky.

But murdering people is pretty gauche, so let’s make some artistic ones instead.

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Free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi Pattern!

When I found Amigurumi BB’s voodoo doll pattern, I fell in love.

The proportions for this pattern are inherently weird. It makes a  floppy fella with a huge head, long arms, and stumpy legs.

One might even say the result looks mutated. And that’s perfect for making… a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for my friend’s baby!


For pattern & instructions, keep reading!

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Death On A Dime: How to Craft A Cheap & Easy Heart or Halloween Garland

Need to decorate for Halloween? This is a cinch.


I’m going to chop off some heads this Halloween, so I made a few home decorations to go with my costume. This was so embarrassingly easy (and cute) that I had to detail it here.

To create the heart garland, you’ll need a sturdy heart-shaped punch, a few playing card decks, hot glue, and string.

Punch hearts out of the deck. Affix two dots of hot glue to the bumps at the back of each heart. Press the string into the glue dots. Leave it to cool for a few minutes, then stick it anywhere you’d like.

Want to creep it up a notch? Try doll heads instead of hearts.

The doll heads are a little tougher. I made them by doing Google Image Searches of “creepy doll head,” then saving my favorites to the desktop. I uploaded those images to Wal-Mart Photo and printed them for something like 18 cents each. Then I snipped them out and did the same hot-glue-plus-string rigamarole as before.

The hearts are cute, but the doll heads might make your friends break up with you.

You didn’t need them anyway. The voices can keep you company.