It’s time to mangle some children’s activity books.

If you’ve ever been daunted by your sketchbook’s endless blank pages, I have just the thing for you:

Children’s activity books.

This sounds lame, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s only as lame as the inside of your head.

At Cracker Barrel, I picked up What to Doodle? by Rosie Brooks for $1.50 & tax. Pictured below is the cover and the first thing I drew.

Leah Lucci doodle demons bed pattern

Page 5. “Can you draw a lovely pattern on Sophie’s bed cover?” & A convergence of demons on her?

Leah Lucci Velociraptors

Page 6. “What are Jeremy and John riding to school?” Velociraptors to school — fuck yeah! 

Leah Lucci dead parents dimensional portals illustration

Page 9. “What are Neil and Jess having for breakfast?” Their parents. 

Page 15. “Can you draw what Ali has in her cupboard?” A portal to another dimension. 

Leah Lucci dead bride illustration

Page 12. “How many people are in the car? Can you draw them?” 1 squid. 0 people.

Page 13. “What is Ben carrying? Can you draw it?” A bride he doesn’t know is dead. 

Leah Lucci dried fairies illustration

Page 10. “How many candles are on the birthday cake?” Death draws ever nearer.

Page 11. “What type of candy is in the candy jar?” Dried fairies. 

Et cetera. Release your inner Tim Burton. It’s really, really fun.

Happy Monday!