5 Favorite Photographs of 2016

In 2017, I want to take photography more seriously.

My Instagram, though bitchin’, isn’t exactly a shrine to nuanced composition — but I still took a lot of snaps I loved in 2016.

Here are my top 5:

1. Love graffiti. I found this waterproof optimism just when I needed it.

2. Washington, D.C. The Mansion on O Street‘s hyper-saturated gallery walls give me life.

3. Cute cat + retro tile. The star of this photo is Loki. He’s a Stage Five Clinger.

4. Black Dog Salvage, Roanoke, VA. This salvage store and flea market has gorgeous stained glass.

5. An obligatory Willie photo. My muse is a hilarious disaster.

What skills do you want to improve on in 2017, Internet?







Flash Fiction About Cats


When Grumpy Cat’s people changed his diet to kibble, he didn’t get mad.

He got even.

He peed slowly, luxuriously into their favorite teapot.

His people did not know to clean it out before preparing their afternoon oolong.



The na’vi people created their own Cheshire cat.

It was a wily dipshit that opted for invisibility all the time.

Many old na’vi broke their hips tripping over it.


The CEOs got into an argument over whether “Miffy” or “Muffin” was the better cat name.

The battle was so heated that a mutually beneficial deal was not struck.

They died separately, in great wealth, though not as great wealth as they could have had.

“Miffy” is clearly the superior cat name.

Happy hump-day, Internet! Treat your pets right!