5 Favorite Photographs of 2016

In 2017, I want to take photography more seriously.

My Instagram, though bitchin’, isn’t exactly a shrine to nuanced composition — but I still took a lot of snaps I loved in 2016.

Here are my top 5:

1. Love graffiti. I found this waterproof optimism just when I needed it.

2. Washington, D.C. The Mansion on O Street‘s hyper-saturated gallery walls give me life.

3. Cute cat + retro tile. The star of this photo is Loki. He’s a Stage Five Clinger.

4. Black Dog Salvage, Roanoke, VA. This salvage store and flea market has gorgeous stained glass.

5. An obligatory Willie photo. My muse is a hilarious disaster.

What skills do you want to improve on in 2017, Internet?







Black Dog Salvage

I went to Black Dog Salvage this week. The inside of this place was enormous and insane. If I had a house, it would be full of exactly this sort of stuff, and I would be broke. (Like… more so than now).

The statues outside were wonderfully creepy.

Here’s Saint Francis of Assisi, overlooking a dog. (It was a perfect moment.)

Speaking of dogs, here’s me and the eponymous black dog — Sally (the Salvage Dog).

We got along swimmingly.

If you’re ever in Virginia, looking to swag out your house with some vintage salvage, check this place out. Highly recommended!