5 Favorite Links This Week

^ I need — yes, needa bagel-shaped “nosh” menorah for next Hanukkah.

Paperfury’s 10 Things You Should Regularly Tell Bookworms is important reading for anyone with a bookie bestie or spouse.

The Bloggess’ adventure with spammers who want to turn her into a vampire is the most glorious thing I’ve read all week.

Did you know that HP Lovecraft was an avid racist? And that sci-fi/horror/fantasy still aren’t very welcoming to minorities?

^ In the 1960s, DalĂ­ did illustrations for a limited-edition Alice in Wonderland that’s just been re-released for mass consumption. You can buy your own copy here, and see more images from the work here.


Twas Two Nights After The Night Before Halloween


Twas the night after All Hallow’s eve
And the doll heads were hung in my house with care
Not a creature was stirring
Except for my difficult beagle-border collie mix, shedding everywhere


All the spooks lined up outside
Skulls, spiders, skeletons! Oh my!


One fish, two fish, three fish, reverse mermaid
Robo cop, Paul McCartney, and Tin Foil Hat Lady they played


Other people were other stuff
Rhyming is hard


The structure of this post was something
I shouldn’t’ve even tried to undertake
Look how cute these children are
Will that distract you
So seriously guys, what should we be next year

Death On A Dime: How to Craft A Cheap & Easy Heart or Halloween Garland

Need to decorate for Halloween? This is a cinch.


I’m going to chop off some heads this Halloween, so I made a few home decorations to go with my costume. This was so embarrassingly easy (and cute) that I had to detail it here.

To create the heart garland, you’ll need a sturdy heart-shaped punch, a few playing card decks, hot glue, and string.

Punch hearts out of the deck. Affix two dots of hot glue to the bumps at the back of each heart. Press the string into the glue dots. Leave it to cool for a few minutes, then stick it anywhere you’d like.

Want to creep it up a notch? Try doll heads instead of hearts.

The doll heads are a little tougher. I made them by doing Google Image Searches of “creepy doll head,” then saving my favorites to the desktop. I uploaded those images to Wal-Mart Photo and printed them for something like 18 cents each. Then I snipped them out and did the same hot-glue-plus-string rigamarole as before.

The hearts are cute, but the doll heads might make your friends break up with you.

You didn’t need them anyway. The voices can keep you company.