True story: I was in a Thriller flash mob last weekend!

The dance crew on campus proposed having a flash mob inside the store where I work. The bosses tentatively okayed it. We wanted the mob to have some staff in it, so about 10 of us joined the crew.

The practices were long. One of the moves (the one where we all drop down and pop back up) pretty much destroyed my upper thighs. I had dry mouth and shaky hands the hour beforehand.

And it was awesome.

Thriller Flash Mob

My boss was almost in tears. He said it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen inside the store. (Which is inevitable because it’s not like a lot of cool things typically happen inside of a Penn State clothing store.)

If you care to look for me in the YouTube video, I’m the blonde about 3/4 of the way back along the register area. In the fisheye-lens camera on the register, I’m occasionally toward the left. During the breakdown scene where we’re all in the circle around the two fast-dancing crew members, it’s my massive curly blonde head that’s pretty much in front of the camera.

(If I had known the camera was there, I would have moved. I’m like that annoying guy in a stovepipe hat who sits in front of you in a theater.)

(Not that people wear stovepipe hats any more, so I don’t know if this example has held true for the last few hundred years. You get the idea.)

Pre-pubescent Raphael at a playground, attempting to make friends

Considering my childhood relationship with my brother and extrapolating out times three, I imagine that young Raphael wanted to get out of the house (sewer) now and again, and bond with other kids. Kids who would be like “wow, dude, sweet turtle-shell backpack” and “are you all right? your skin’s, like, greenish?”

It was in this childhood playground that Raphael learned that his ability to kick ass was not universal to all children. He decided to limit his ninja skills to siblings, Foot soldiers, and criminals.

Watching, Reading, Listening: The Week in Media

Watching (Movies): Sinister

Sinister Movie Poster

This movie gave great creepy. It had all the elements required to scare my pants clean off:

  • Scratchy, industrial, ambient soundtrack
  • Sweaty Ethan Hawke, drinking, walking around in the dark
  • Fucked up, horrifying children…
  • … And their spooky artwork
  • Vintage found footage
  • Jump scares
  • Occult specialists warning the protagonists away
  • Refusal to call the police. No matter what.

The clues for the final reveal are laid out clearly along the way for anyone paying attention. When I complained that the twist was too obvious, my husband said the movie was designed to be straightforward. Regardless, even if you do see the ending coming from a mile away (like we did), it’s still completely terrifying.

Reading (books): Buzz Aldrin, What Happened To You In All The Confusion?

Buzz Aldrin, What Happened To You In All The Confusion?

Contrary to the blurb here, this book is not “quite plainly a work of genius.”

That said, I’m still enjoying it very much.

It’s about a man in his 20s who loses his long-term girlfriend (of 12 years) and his dream job of a gardener. Listless and sad, he goes to another country with his friends, who are in a band, gets blackout drunk, and winds up in the middle of a street. He’s found by a psychiatrist who runs a halfway house for people with mental problems who aren’t quite ready for the real world yet. (That’s a convenient coincidence).

Will he learn to love? Will he re-enter the real world? What will become of him?

I can’t tell you. I’m not done.

Listening: Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine Ceremonials

I refer to Florence Welch as “Flo,” as though I know her.

She would probably, in reality, not be thrilled with that nickname.

Ceremonials is serious business. Flo’s rich, distinctive voice is set against music that sounds like the dramatic climax of a movie.

When you listen to this album, you may feel a sense of déjà vu. That’s because Flo’s music is used in ads all the time. You and Flo have already been hanging out; you just didn’t realize it!

Bonus! Playing: Letterpress

Letterpress for iPhone

My secretly-evil brother got me hooked on the iPhone app Letterpress.

You grab tiles and move them up to the top to make words — the longer the better. You can steal letters from the other person to make them yours (marked in your color). Whoever has the most of their color on the board by the time the last letter is used up wins.

It’s addictive, but that’s not the worst of it: I keep losing to my brother.

Letterpress is free if you want to stick to the basic game colors & only play two games at once; a dollar if you want lots of games and colors. (Did I pay the extra dollar? Yes. Of course. I wanted color options.)

Until next time… stay out of trouble, Internet.

Looks Inspired By: Fun Fashion Finds

One of my side projects is Looks Inspired By, a blog in which I construct fabulous real-life outfits based on fictional characters. Assembling these looks combines my favorite things: collecting along a theme, being a fangirl, drooling over things I can’t have, spending hours on Etsy, and photoshopping everything so it looks its best.

Here are a few of my recent faves:

A look inspired by the big top on Etsy:
Headband ($15.50), Monkey tee ($24); Boots ($19), & Striped skirt ($18)

Gamer Girls Unite! : a look on Etsy
In this look: Handmade hoodie (~$118), Mario earrings ($20); USB bracelet ($30), & Game controller skirt ($46)

A look inspired by Morticia Addams on Etsy:
Necklace ($13.95), dress ($194); vintage shoes ($34), & lace skeleton leggings ($85)

A Look Inspired by TRON/Androids on Etsy
If you want to look like you’re in some kind of German-techno-inspired future this Halloween, here’s how it’s done: Fight gear (~$196), Eyewear ($200); Circuit ring ($49), & Vintage platform shoes ($214)

The Internet is a joyous and bizarre place for every conceivable style and whim. I hope to hunt down the most wonderful parts and present them over time, piece by piece.