5 Movies I’m Looking Forward To This Year, Chronologically

I almost never miss $5 Movie Night.

Because this special runs at my theater every Tuesday, I watch a lot of filler movies. Action flicks like Tarzan and Underworld: Blood Wars. Horror flicks like Don’t Breathe and Lights Out. And basically every cartoon about animals.

In between total rubbish, I enjoy plenty of good films. Here’s what’s on my docket for Tuesdays in 2017.

^ Lego Batman movie (February 10th). When you think about it, what Bruce Wayne¬†really needs is some therapy. If he can’t have that, we’ll just have to settle for giggling at him in Lego form.

^ A Cure for Wellness (February 17th). Is there an evil secret lurking in this fancy spa? Probably, otherwise they wouldn’t make a movie about it. Oooh, I hope the secret is something really heinous.

^ The Circle (April 28th). Imagine if Google and Facebook merged into one super-company with a fondness for complete surveillance of everyone, all the time. Emma Watson is playing the protagonist, if that helps stoke your enthusiasm. Read the book or hit up the trailer.

^ Alien: Covenant (May 19th). Apparently someone loved Prometheus, because they’re making another prequel in the series. I’m hype for more badass alien-fighting. (This isn’t a real poster; they haven’t released one. It’s from here.)

^ Clowntergeist. Just kidding. I just needed you to know that this film exists. Intrigued? Read Birth. Movies. Death.’s entry about of this upcoming gem.

^ Thor: Ragnarok (November 3rd). This movie is directed by¬†Taika Waititi, the fellow behind Things We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. They’re offbeat New Zealand comedies. I have no idea what he’s going to do with the Thor property, but it’s going to be weird. Although there’s no official poster yet, there is this, which is all I need.

What movies are you looking forward to, Internet?