5 Nerdy Dream Vacations

I’m loving this week’s Five Fandom Friday prompt. 5 places to visit before I die? Sounds like a fun thing to write about! Let’s hope I don’t die any time soon, because this is a pretty far-reaching list.

^ A museum road trip across North America.

This would either start with the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine. Then we’d somehow also cover: Ventriloquist Museum (Kentucky), The Glore Psychiatric Museum (Missouri), Museum of Osteology (Oklahoma City), Mexican Mummy Museum, Belhaven Memorial Museum (North Carolina), Museum of Death (LA & New Orleans), House of the Rock (Wisconsin), Museum of the Paranormal (Connecticut), International Museum of Surgical Science (Chicago), and Voodoo Museum (New Orleans).

^ Egypt.

I want to see all the ruins and study all the heiroglyphs.

Mostly I want to team up with Brendan Fraser to bring a mummy back from the dead, because that would be a rollicking good story.

^ Japan.

Some might say that Japan isn’t that nerdy… but people who’ve met Japanophiles/otaku know differently.

Maybe Godzilla will show up. Maybe I’ll catch an elusive Pok√©mon. Maybe I’ll join a humongous pop group. Maybe I’ll discover a love of seafood. Maybe a street style photographer will think my banal style is the essence of “normcore” and vault me to fame.

^ Harry Potter world.

I’ve already been there, but I haven’t ridden the Hogwarts Express, which means I must go again.

^ England.

Nerds love England. Nuff said.

But in case ’nuff wasn’t said, I want to go to the Museum of Witchcraft, London art Museums, ride the Eye, hit the London Dungeon, see the original Madam Tussauds and try all the tea.

Where do you want to go, Internet?