Make your own Bill Cipher Amigurumi!

If you’re depressed because Gravity Falls is over, you’re not alone.

Perhaps making a Bill Cipher will cheer you up!


Yellow, black, & white yarn
F hook
Tapestry needle

Body (yellow):
Magic ring 6
Mark stitches 1 and 4.
Increase in 1, SC 2-3, Increase in 4, SC to beginning. Leave the markers in.
From here on out, you’re going to increase only at the ends (which you’ll be able to see because of the markers). You’ll be increasing 2 stitches every round, which will gradually increase in the triangle shape.
Keep going until it’s to the size you’d like. Stuff lightly. Then SC the bottom shut. You’ll have a puffy triangle.

Hat (black):
Magic ring 6.
Increase around (12).
SC in the front loops only (12).
Regular SC around until the hat is approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of the body’s height.
(SC, increase) around in back loops only (18).
Stuff hat lightly, sew onto top of triangle.

Limbs (black):
Chain to desired length. Chain 1 and SC back to beginning. Tie off, sew to body.
I made the legs the same length as the height of the triangle.
I made the arms about 3/4 the length of the legs.

Face (black & white):
Embroider white of eye first, then outline & four eyelashes on the top and bottom. (I did the black and filled it in, but this was a mistake. Do the white first).
The bow tie is just two triangles.


Now that you’ve brought him into this dimension, you might be doomed. Best of luck.