Putting A Positive Spin on A Fucked Up Owl

I created a pillow that slid out of my control.

Burn your eyes on this image:


Words of comfort from my nerdy friends:

Rachel: “Navajo weavers would include intentional mistakes to let out any bad spirits that got trapped.”

Alice: “Persian rug weavers did as well, since only God can make perfect things. Actually, the Greeks had a myth about how one should not be prideful over how perfect their weaving is too.”

Josie: “It’s even MORE special ’cause it’s done with love from the heart and not mass-produced!”
Me: “GOOD SPIN. Have you considered a career in PR?”
Josie: “Stick with me, kid… I’ll make you a crocheting STAR!”

I can’t wait to be famous for fucking up basic patterns!