What music should you be ashamed of liking?

Should you be ashamed of the sounds your ears like hearing? At what age do you stop apologizing and start listening to whatever you want, balls to the wall?

At work, we put on a Spotify “guilty pleasures playlist.” It started out really strong:

Photograph of Vertical HorizonVertical Horizon! I’m not ashamed of that!

The playlist went on to feature Marilyn Manson, Ace of Base, and Phil Collins. I’m not ashamed of those, either!

Screen Grab Photo of Wild Wild West Starring Will SmithThen “Wild Wild West” came on. The song written for and inspired by Wild Wild West.

Do you remember this movie? The one that simultaneously popularized & destroyed steampunk forever?

Will Smith Wild Wild West SteampunkWith the giant-spider-riding villain?

Wild Wild West Guy Who Rides A SpiderHe was totally handi-capable.

Maybe it’s a little okay to be ashamed of liking Wild, Wild West. (The film and the movie.)

Once I admitted a deep shame of Will Smith’s lesser works, a conversation emerged about what you should be ashamed to love, musically.

My top concern: something that hated on women, homosexuals, or minorities.

Like, if the KKK released something catchy, you should be ashamed of liking that.

My husband says no one should like Chris Brown any more.

Photo of Nick Brown TattooAnd, obviously, no one should like Nickelback under any circumstances.

Black and White Photo of NickelbackAlso, if you enjoy the Ben Carson rap, I cannot help you. No one can. Confess your sins and hope for the best.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?