Why I Feel Bad For Contemporary Germans

When you think about Germany, what do you think about?

Real quick.

No, stop trying to generate a lie. I know what you were thinking.

Nazis. You were thinking about Nazis. Big ol’ heil-ing, goose-stepping, Captain-America-fighting genocidal maniacs.

Which sort of sucks for contemporary Germans, who are just trying to eat their schnitzel and bratwurst in peace. Modern day Deutsch are haunted by the ghosts of Oktoberfest past.

Or, in this case… vampires.


Eichorst on the Strain is a quintessential old-school Nazi villain. He gets immortalized in Nazi form and continues being classically racist in the present day.

It’s uncomfortably like listening to grandparents’ diatribes.

His idea of a zinger is accusing the show’s protagonist of being Jewish, because that’s the worst thing he can come up with.

“Your family’s name sounds a little… Eastern European! SWISH! RIMSHOT!”

Sorry, Germans.

The Strain not going to assist you with your image overhaul.