Two Old-School Nickelodeon Shows You Can Catch On YouTube

I spent a 3-hour car ride drawing this and filling it in with crayon.


There’s not much to say about this piece of Space Cases fanart that my back tattoo hasn’t said already.

Did you know that you can watch the entire 26-episode-run of Space Cases on YouTube? I wasn’t even the one that put it there. (It seems like something I’d do, doesn’t it? But someone else made it happen.)

Speaking of Old School Nick, Are You Afraid Of The Dark is also available on YouTube. Which is great, because it disappeared from Amazon Prime. Viacom and Prime had a bit of a falling-out over reality TV, and I guess Dark got sucked into it.

What do these two shows have in common, aside from all those bomb-ass Canadian accents? Jewel Staite. Here she is on Dark. Here she is making the same mistake I constantly do. And here she is using pregnancy as an excuse to do her thang.

Yeah. Pregnant. She’s not ten any more. Why is it so surprising when child actors grow up?


I see pictures like this ^ and I’m like “don’t let the Commander see that. You’ll be put in the brig or whatever the hell.”

I guess if I’m allowed to curse and have sex, Catalina can, too. We have all aged.

Next year it’ll be 20 years since Space Cases premiered. Maybe I should get another tattoo. Grown-ups like Jewel Staite and I are allowed to do that.