How To Forget Your Core Personality Traits And Alienate Yourself From The Party

Do you ever straight-up forget about fundamental parts of yourself?

Because I do. All the time. Stuff like “I like to draw.”

Which is pretty basic and has been the case since I was a little kid.

I briefly considered giving up in middle school because my art teacher was always on my business about my “loose” style. She also demanded more “tonal values.” My inability to understand shadows was a hindrance, I now realize, but she was really a spirit killer.

Every once in a while, I lapse into not-drawing, and watch my brain fizzle out.

When I’m coloring in a big-haired doodle, I remember how good things can be. Like so:


This is an illustration of an introvert realizing she’s absolutely not at the party. It’s everywhere but near her. She is awash in FOMO. Sounds like my life.


Buddha says, “eat your vegetables.” This child (a youth version of my husband?) is having none of it.


This guy kinda looks like Grandpa from the Munsters. That wasn’t intentional. It’s possible that I’m always channeling the Munsters. (Or their more sleek, uptown neighbors, the Addams Family.)


(Thanks, Internet, for providing me with this image.) 

Once a Goth, always a Goth. Once an illustrator, always an illustrator.

If you have any core personality traits you blank on, feel free to throw ’em in the comments.