Guess which of these drawings made somebody cry!

Reddit Gets Drawn is a forum where artists illustrate photos that people post of themselves.

Sometimes I like to get involved.

Sometimes I even draw the thing people ask for. Not usually, though.

Here are my latest offerings.


A hipster posted a black and white photo of himself in suspenders. I turned his frown upside-down.


A girl requested a photo of herself in front of a city. I drew a cooler city.


This guy wanted to be a Bond villain. I threw some Lasercats in there.


Actually, nothing beats the original photo. Look at the horn strapped to theĀ  pony’s head. That’s hilarious.


This is just a straightforward portrait. I wasn’t ridiculous to this person.


This drawing made someone cry. Probably from sadness.

And that, my friends, is how I’ve broken the Internet this week.