Ads That Are Memorable for the Wrong Reason

The annual Lemont Strawberry Festival was halfheartedly promoted with a few hand-drawn signs scattered around town.

The signs were so ugly and forgettable that my husband said he could do better.

I said I could one-up “better” — I could make something very, very memorable.


Icky, right?

Creepy and ugly ad campaigns are my favorite. Consider, for example, the tattoo-worthy Burger King:


This is not a guy you leave alone with your sister.


Nor is the “Small Town Pizza Lawyer.”

He seems likes to sit in a dark alleys, waiting for unsuspecting livestock to walk by.


Saving the best for last: who remembers this Playstation 3 ad? The doll freaks out over the PS3, cries, sucks up its own tears back into its head, then lifts the PS3 with its mind.

Forget sisters, livestock, or even children: I would not leave a full-grown man in a room with this thing.

I would not even put a priest in there unless he had:

  • an inflatable pool of holy water
  • a treasure chest of rosaries
  • a Buffy-style stake
  • a bible in every language.

And even then I’d be all “as we walk through the valley in the shadow of death,” etc.

Ugh. Dolls. Masks. Southerners.

I’ll pass on the products, but I’ll never forget their commercials.