Oh My!

Today I hugged former lizard monster, gay rights activist, Japanese Internship historical awareness raiser, and overall fab dude George Takei.


He had on a soft sweater and drank tea.

He told the con-goers about how, when he was in the Japanese Internment camps during WWII, he saw Disney’s Snow White. For a few hours, he was transported into the whimsical world of charming dwarf names, gorgeous ebony-clad villainy, and crashes of lightning and thunder. Behind the barbed barricades, a love of entertainment was born.

Years later, he used people’s love of escapism to draw them in. He used his social media platforms to entertain people, and, once he had their attention, to tell them things they needed to know. To talk about human rights, gay rights, equality for all.

I love him very much. I also adore his husband, with whom I got into a conversation about Space Cases.

It was lovely to meet someone who knows about the pop culture blip that transformed my entire life.

If there were a way to coordinate a 20-year reunion con, my heart would explode and I would die, so it’s probably for the best that that doesn’t come to pass.


Me: “What are you?”
Monster on left: “I’m from your childhood. You’ve repressed me.
Me: (laughing)
Monster on left: “I’m from Zelda.”


On the far right are… Dreamfinder and Figment from EPCOT. I basically chased them down screaming. I’m an embarrassing Disney-head. My family were card-carrying members of the Disney Vacation Club (actually a thing). I went every year for at least a decade.

For reference:


Their ride has been drastically changed.

I feel that my blog is an appropriate place to tell you:

The new ride sucks, Disney.

Change it back.


And, in closing of this disjointed entry:

The only thing better than Deadpool is Deadpool with ta-tas.


Thanks for hanging out.