Oh Edward, You Are So Brooding and Mysterious

Did you know that narwhals’ tusks are actually a protruding left canine tooth?

One in 500 males produce the vampiric-looking double-tusk.

It’s probably very appealing to the ladies — only 15% of which produce even a single tusk. (There’s only one instance in recorded history of a double-tusk lady-narwhal).


You know what else is appealing to ladies? Pale, brooding behavior.

Heck, according to Wikipedia, “narwhal” is derived from the Old Norse word nár, meaning “corpse.” It’s in reference to the animal’s greyish, mottled pigmentation, like that of a drowned sailor.

That’s dark, bro.

Almost as dark as the fact that the guy who played Edward Cullen in Twilight made him “a manic-depressive who hates himself.”

If anyone else can find a Twilight/narwhal connection, feel free to let me know.