Let The Fly Come To You, And All That.

If I’m watching TV or staring at Pinterest, I don’t have to move.

I don’t have to think.

I don’t have to exist.


Drawing is hard; I have to sort of think about what comes next.

Reading is hard; I have to occasionally look up a word, consider a scene, or flip back to understand a clue.

Crocheting is hard; I have to keep track if my counts.

Painting is hard; I have to locate the paints and clean up afterward.

You might be thinking that the point of this post is “creativity is worth the struggle” — but sometimes, it isn’t. 


Fallow fields are left alone to regain fertility.

Try being fallow every once in a while. Sometimes doing nada is a nice way to wait for a better day.

Don’t do this all the time; that’s called “giving up.”

While you’re waiting for your groove to return, try doodling. Embellished grocery lists never killed anyone.


PS: Don’t judge me for this list. We were throwing a Breakfast for Dinner party. It was delicious.

PPS: Kraken, while tasty, is not part of a balanced breakfast. At any time of day.

PPPS: “Laying fallow” is not a euphemism for “passing out,” despite the previous two post-scripts.