Get The Look: Casual Friday Joker In Her Living Room

When I saw this incredibly gorgeous, terrifying Joker mask on Etsy, I was hooked. (Wrong word, considering how this thing looks?)

I briefly had a regular feature called Looks Inspired By. It even had its own Tumblr. I discontinued the feature because Everyday Cosplay & Disneybound were doing it better.

But fuck it. I’m bringing it back, because I found wallpaper and a chair that looked like padded walls in a psych ward. It’s a sign.


The Joker’s a particularly weird character because nobody seems to know where he came from, or what he’s up to off-screen. He pops up, causes mayhem, and vanishes.

Does he have, like, an apartment? Is he an annoying neighbor, or is he the guy banging on the ceiling to “keep it down!”?

What does he eat? Does he cook it himself?

Where’s he going potty? Where’s he showering?

Do the pretty girls at Ulta throw him shade when he goes in there to buy his foundation?

Does he read? Does he have cable? Does he crochet, or collect stamps?

I’m just saying, there are a lot of hours in the day. He can’t possibly be harassing Batman for all of them. I want answers.

Gotham is apparently going to release several possible Joker origin characters — like Heath Ledger’s multiple explanations for his scars in the Dark Knight trilogy.

We won’t know which character is the Joker, and which are red herrings.

The show might not ultimately tell us.

Part of me wants to know; but most of me likes the mystery.

Outfit: Beanie, Mask, Bow Tie Necklace, T-shirt, Blazer, Ripped Jeans, Boots
Room: Chair, Bookshelf, Sign, Wallpaper That Totally Looks Like Padded Walls
Top banner photo: by Black Zack