Danny DeVito Brings Sunshine Into My Life

One of the greatest things about Danny DeVito — and there are a lot of great things about him — is how happy he is to get a little bit gross.

He keeps picking “ew” roles, like the Penguin in Batman Returns, the villainous car salesman father in Matilda, and, best of all, Frank in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Frank revels in filth. He’s unabashedly himself, as icky and depraved as that may be.


I think that we could all be a little more like Frank.

(But with showering.)

Out and about! Proud. Unashamed.

(But, I feel I must reiterate, please shower.)

Conan just did a piece about Always Sunny tattoos. Does it make me want one? Yes. A little.

Here are my favorites:


If you’re not watching this show, I’m sorry that your life is going the way it is.