Sexy Jeff Goldblum And MORE!

Listen, guys, I’mma let you finish, but Jeff Goldblum is the sexiest of all time.


Does anyone else need this shirt? ^ Or this messenger bag? Or these boots?

I’m rather miffed that this article thinks conscientiousness and creativity are diametrically opposed. The former is always praised; the latter is always oppressed. When I was in art school, almost everyone around me was doing more drugs, getting in more trouble, and showing up late to class. However, there were people who put their noses to the grindstone and got it done, and I don’t think their work was necessarily “less creative.”


Did you know that most of the effects in the Grand Budapest Hotel were built by hand? Holy shit.

The Mars One mission has selected its 100 people. Here’s a little more on what their lives will be like.

Funny: How about we go outside and settle this like emotionally stunted men? and Reasons we can’t have a baby, honey.


Of course there’s a service that will make a custom plush out of your pet. And of course I want one of Willie. I’d also like some octopus Avengers plush.


This perfectly-preserved pastel house is for sale. Anyone wanna go halfsies?

Literary roller derby names!

Love horror? Here are some more obscure picks. I’ve only seen 2 of the 15 here. Hubs & I need to get crackin’!

I feel bad for this inbred tiger. Look at its weird face.

Are we raising a generation of unsophisticated, picky eaters?

Stop telling Jessica Williams what to do, y’all.

This is amazing:


Someone fished an entire typeface out of the Thames.