How To Make Shrunken Head Christmas Ornaments

I found a note in my sketchbook that says “Shrunken heads are the size of Christmas ornaments.

It’s my handwriting. I must’ve put it there.

What was I thinking?


Was it just a note about relative size — or an idea for an amazing blog post? “DIY shrunken heads for a grim tree“?

Yes. Let’s make that post.


To be honest with you, I’m not sure how actual shrunken heads are made. I imagine it goes as follows:

  • Slay your enemy.
  • Skin his skull.
  • Put the resulting skin… in front of a shrink ray?
  • Fill it with Poly-Fil®.
  • Spritz it with Febreze® whenever it gets funky.

But murdering people is pretty gauche, so let’s make some artistic ones instead.

These, specifically:


The steps for the less murder-y ornaments are as follows:

  • Sketch some shrunken heads in ink on watercolor paper.
  • Watercolor over your drawings.
  • Cut ’em out.
  • Glue or tape some string to them.
  • Charm your Protestant minister next-door neighbor by taking these photos in the woods behind your houses.

If you’d like to make some of your own but these instructions sound suspiciously like work, never fear! You can save this image and print from it:


Have fun making these! I sure did.

Keep on creepin’ on, Internet.