Snoop Dogg is dope and so are you!: a lesson about goals

I heard on the radio that Snoop Dogg has 16 Grammy nominations, but no wins.

“That’s heinous!” I yelled alone in my car.


How on earth had someone so obviously awesome and successful failed to receive recognition in this way? What kind of awful sky-wizard would have allowed this oversight to occur?

Wait. Who gives a shit about Grammys? Why was I so focused on this one particular award, when this guy is obviously getting all the actual success he deserves?

Snoop’s ridiculous Grammy oversight isn’t holding him back from being the motherfucking bomb in all aspects of his life. The guy’s a zillionaire; he’s wicked famous; his music is excellent; he’s multi-platinum; he’s a movie delight; he’s hilarious.

We can learn a lot from Snoop’s lack of Grammy. Namely: we don’t always get our goals, but we can still be successful.


We set specific goals for ourselves like:

  • “I want to be a size 8.”
  • “I want to earn six figures.”
  • “I want 1,000 blog followers.”
  • “I want a Grammy.”

If we only had these things, our lives would be complete.

Except they wouldn’t be.

Because once you broke the $100k/year barrier, you’d think “I need $150k.” Once you dropped the weight or gained the followers or won the Grammy, you’d move on to the next thing. It’s never enough.


It’s important to have goals. Otherwise you’d be a lump. You’d never grow or change. You would become very boring.

It’s also important to occasionally say, “Close enough.”


Didn’t quite lose that baby weight? Okay. Well, you have a baby, so, close enough.

Making $99k/year? Uh, why are you complaining about that? Close enough.

Is your pet an out-of-control nightmare half the time? The other half the time, he’s very snuggly and soft. Close enough.


Don’t kill yourself for specific belt notches… But keep working hard. Because it feels good. Because it’s interesting. Because it’s rewarding — intrinsically, not extrinsically. Because it keeps you humble, and interesting. Because progression matters.

Be like Snoop Dogg, guys. Learn from Snoop-A-Loop. He has much wisdom to share.

And now, in closing, My Top 5 Favorite Snoop Dog Moments:


5. That time he was the best part of the Starsky & Hutch remake.


4. His cute relationship with Martha Stewart.


3. “Snooop!!! Snoop aloop!!, c’mon, we’re going streaking!! C’mon Snoop, bring your green hat!!”


2. This.


1. And, of course, that time he literally turned into a dog(g).