Free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi Pattern!

When I found Amigurumi BB’s voodoo doll pattern, I fell in love.

The proportions for this pattern are inherently weird. It makes a  floppy fella with a huge head, long arms, and stumpy legs.

One might even say the result looks mutated. And that’s perfect for making… a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for my friend’s baby!


For pattern & instructions, keep reading!

To make this, start by printing out her pattern.

Make the following tweaks:

Head: For rows 10-15, switch to the mask color.
Arms: Make rows 11-14 the mask color or brown.
Legs: Halfway through the 10th row, switch to the mask color or brown. Halfway through the 13th row, switch back.
Body: Make rows 13-16 brown for the belt.

(Depending on which version of the Turtles you’re into, the wrists & ankles will be the mask color or the brown belt color. I’m all about the 90s cartoons, which used the mask color on the joints.)


Her pattern has no shell, because it wasn’t originally a turtle.

I’m going to give the shell instructions in her notation style.

To make the shell:
R1. magic ring (6) (or that starter hoop thing if you can’t do a magic ring)
R2. inc6 (12)
R3. *inc1, sc1* x6 (18)
R4. *inc1, sc2* x6 (24)
R5. *inc1, sc2* x8 (32)
R6. *inc1, sc3* x8 (40)
R7. sc40 (40)

Finish off with long tail.

On the back, use a dark yarn to stitch a hexagon. Draw lines coming out. Alternately, you could add a heart back there — or anything, really.

Stitch your embroidered shell into back of turtle in the dark yarn and/or green yarn. Leave a little bit of space/air between the shell & the turtle for volume. (I guess you could stuff lightly if you’d like.)


Final step: cuddle, obviously.