Goths at the gym, vampire birds, and crickets for dinner

Wanna hear the “scream of 1,000” corpses? Try this death whistle.

Speaking of creepy science: vampire birds.

15 Foods to Add To Your Diet in 2015 — Spoiler: it’s crickets.


It’s okay; I wasn’t emotionally ready for the Little Prince trailer, either.


The diametric opposite of that trailer is this one involving Zombie Christ and, from the same movie (apparently), Hitler riding a T-Rex.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 9.08.13 PM

Health Goth: When Darkness and Gym Rats Meet — Why doesn’t my local YMCA have a Nine Inch Nails cycling class on offer? (Photo via Danai Moshona.)

Come make fun of white people: The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

Ten Ways You’re Being Unfaithful to Your Spouse & Don’t Know It — This entire site is a bizarre parallel dimension. My friends and I keep sharing articles from it with each other. We can’t look away.


Need a quick laugh? Try the Standup Shots subreddit.

And finally:

Singer Lady Gaga and New York City Mayor Bloomberg activate the New Year's Eve ball during celebrations in Times Square in New York

I Googled “anticlimactic Christmas lights” to illustrate how disappointing my yard is. I found this. Let’s do away with nativity scenes and put this display in our yards instead.