Fill the hole in your heart with costume design!

Philadelphia Comic Con was rich with celebs, vendors, weirdos, and costumes. I absolutely would not be true to this blog if I neglected to show you some of these glad rags. They are awesome.

Let’s open up with a woman who took 6 months to become the Starship Enterprise:


Never in my life have I so wanted to romance a ship.

Let’s see some more meticulously-crafted sci-fi:

Processed with Moldiv

This group won Best of the Night at the costume contest.

When the judges asked how they made the dinosaur, they replied, “chicken wire and a dream.”

Speaking of which… here’s a costume that was a result of a fever-dream:

Processed with Moldiv

Iron Duck?

And now a palette-cleanser: gender-swapped Victorian Captain America & Winter Soldier.

Processed with Moldiv

Far and away most popular were Who-related outfits. Check out these precious fankids:


Is that Sonic Screwdriver going to be enough to protect this Doctor from this scary Dalek & Weeping Angel duo?

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