Off with its head!

I have been yearning for a certain tiger backpack for quite some time. But I cannot find an excuse to purchase it.


I thought to myself: maybe I could buy this as a prop for something else. I could go to Halloween as a safari person or something.

So I Googled “Safari Costume.”

I could talk for ages about sexist, slinky, inaccurate lady costumes — but what caught my eye here was something else.

The object in the model’s hand.

Someone needs to make a phone call, because there is a costume company out there that is murdering its models.

Who do you even call? The Better Business Bureau? The police? Animal control? I’m concerned, guys.

I’m also torn, because I want to purchase that man’s skull and mount it on my wall.

Next to my fluffy backpack, of course. Because I am going to buy that sooner or later. I’ll find a reason.